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Top 5 Disney Digital Cameras For Kids

Disney’s line of digital cameras aimed towards children has definitely made an impression. It has also made it easier for parents to familiarize their children with the way modern photos are being taken.

The following Disney digital cameras are considered the best according to users. The ratings are according to Amazon at the time of this right.  For more reviews, click the link at the bottom of this review.

1. Digital Blue Disney Pix blue disney camera

This is by far one of the favorites, because it takes a 4-year old less than an hour to figure out how it works. One of the biggest features has to be the “magic wand”, which allows kids to really get creative with pictures that have already been taken. This is done by adding popular Disney characters.

The camera also features a 1.3 megapixel resolution, 1.5 inch TFT screen and enough memory to store up to 500 photos. With the built-in flash there is no spot too dark for taking pictures and photo editing software is part of the package. Thanks to its durability even preschool kids can enjoy it.

Rating – 3.8 out of 5 stars


2. 7.1MP Disney Ipad Cameradisney ipad camera

Users are raving about this Disney camera for kids, and rightly so.

With a 7.1 megapixel resolution the quality of the photos are simply superb. It can plug directly into an Ipad, but if you want to use a computer then don’t fear, because it uses a 32mb memory card.

From there it can easily be downloaded and with great photo editing software the photos can be tweaked to perfection. The battery is built-in and rechargeable.

For more information and to learn how to use the ipad camera,  visit what is an ipad camera.

Rating – 4.5 out of 5 stars


3. Disney 81005-KM 2.1MPdisney princess camera

This Disney princess camera might not be as popular as the first two, but for younger kids who are just discovering the magic of photos, it’s a good first step in a digital camera.

With a 2.1 megapixel resolution and a 1.5 inch LCD preview screen, it will keep your kids snapping pictures all day long.

The best feature has to be the rubberized design. This makes it sturdy and durable, which is perfect for preschool kids.

Rating – 2.3 out of 5 stars


4. Disney Frozen 2.1MPdisney frozen 2.1mp camera

Based on one of the most popular movies of all time, the Disney Frozen enjoys the same popularity as no. 3 on the list.

It is able to store up to 100 photos and it even allows kids to make their own videos.

In addition to these features special effects can be added thanks to included software.

Photos can be previewed on a 1.5 inch LCD screen and the best part – it’s incredibly easy to use.

Rating – 2.7 out of 5 stars


5. Disney’s Frozen Snap & Sharedisney frozen snap and share

Last but not least, Disney Frozen Camera, the Snap & Share, features a 1 inch LCD preview screen and can take up to 100 photos.

It has a built in microphone and with special Snapshot software, you can create more special effects.

Unfortunately you can’t use an external memory card, which might not sit well with all users. But for younger children it will spark a lot of excitement.

Rating – 2.2 out of 5 stars

In terms of popularity, the first two Disney cameras on the list are by far the best.

The quality of the photos, their durability, ease of use and storage capabilities have made them top-sellers. The last three should be considered budget buys.

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Why You Need VTech Learning Lodge On Your Camera Or Camcorder

vtech learning lodgeCameras and camcorders have become almost ubiquitous in this day and age. For many years, they were seen as incredibly expensive pieces of technology.

Eventually, cameras became disposable, but camcorders were still costly. Then came the digital age, and it wasn’t very long before digital cameras and camcorders were cheap and easy.

They became so cheap and easy, in fact, that you can get a number of models specifically designed for children. This may seem silly to those who have grown up through the age when such things were considered high dollar tech, but there are genuine benefits to this.

Children can be given less expensive technology in order to teach them how to treat more expensive technology. Not only that, there are a number of programs that can be downloaded on devices these days that help turn even things like cameras and camcorders into learning tools.

What Is The VTech Learning Lodge?

vtech learning lodge


VTech is a company that makes computer programs and software specifically for children. They produce a number of simple games, e-books, videos, and other things that help a child learn and grow at a pace comfortable for them.

They have an incredibly amazing line up of products and programs, and if you’re concerned with your child’s growth and education, you’re probably already familiar with them.

VTech Learning Lodge is the name given to their download management program.

When you have the Learning Lodge installed on your computer or tech device, you can then gain easy access to all the software, music, videos, and other files that VTech offers.

It really is as simple as that. Install their manager, and get access to their programs. The manager makes it easy to set up parental controls, and gives you access to the things your child is doing.

The Benefit Of Having The Learning Lodge On Cameras

If you’ve already made the decision to buy your child a digital camera or camcorder, then you’re going to want to vetch kidizoom camera connect vlueensure they can make full use of it. It’s all well and good to simply hand them a camera and let them take pictures.

However, that doesn’t help them learn because it gives them no direction.

Installing the Learning Lodge onto your child’s camera or camcorder gives them access to a number of different learning programs:

(1) Teaches them the best ways to use their devices, and how to take better pictures and videos.

(2) Allows them to use their devices as music or video players should the need arise.

(3) Gives them access to media that you know is designed especially for children, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re looking at things they shouldn’t be looking at.

Given all of that, it’s no wonder the best children’s cameras and camcorders come with VTech Learning Lodge installed. It’s the perfect program for parents to make sure their child can get the most out of their tech device. 

What Are SD Memory Cards – Why Do I Need One?

sd memory cards

What is an SD memory card?  A Secure Digital(SD) card is an extremely small and portable piece of storage. The idea behind SD memory cards is to pack as much high-quality digital space into as little physical space as possible. There are some SD cards with extremely high amounts of memory so it’s safe to say they’ve accomplished their goal.

SD cards are commonplace throughout a lot of electronics. They are so cheap and uniform that they’re the perfect form of memory for just about everything.


SD Memory Cards For Digital Cameras

If you have any of the devices mentioned above, then you could benefit from having an SD card nearby. You can even use a single card on all of the devices if you don’t planning on using all of the space.

New information can be added and removed without damaging the SD card. Once it is full, you can save all of your files to a computer and clear the SD card.

This is why it’s the preferred way to save pictures from a digital camera. When the card fills the pictures are moved to a computer, the card is erased, and storage is renewed. Much more affordable than replacing the film every time.

SD Card For Kidizoom Action Camera

vtech kidizoom action cam yellowbrick

The VTech Kidizoom is a action camera digital camera for kids in the 4 – 9 age range. If you want to give your kid a friendly introduction to photography, then this is the perfect device.

It can take pictures, record video, and has some pretty neat functions build into the system, such as photo editing. There are also three fun games that use pictures taken by the child.

The only set back for the Kidizoom is the limited storage space. It’s fine for taking a few pictures, a video, and enjoying the day. However, if you have a kid who loves taking pictures and recording videos, then that space is going to be filled very fast.  Please read my review on the Kidizoom Action Cam.

The VTech Kidizoom allows for the use of a SD card, which will greatly increase the amount of available memory. More memory means your kid can keep taking pictures without worrying about space. Even a small SD card (in terms of memory) could make a big difference.

Want To Buy Cheap SD Memory Cards?

32 gb sd memory card

They may all look and work exactly the same, but there are some key differences between cards and brands.

You should pay close attention to what card you buy, what size it is, and who the manufacturer is.

Don’t rush out and buy the cheapest card you can find because you might regret the decision later when the card becomes corrupted.

Luckily, SD cards are not expensive and even the high-end products are extremely affordable. You’re encourage to buy a fast, reliable SD card with ample storage. SanDisk is a recommended leading brand.

Very few technologies let you get the best of the best for such a low price.

For the cheap sd memory cards visit

SD cards are standard issue for smart phones, handheld games, digital  and video cameras. All SD cards are designed to look and work exactly the same so it’s possible to replace them without any confusion in the future.