The LeapFrog Epic Android Tablet- A New Era In Childrens Learning

By | October 3, 2015

leap frog epic kids tablets

If you have a kid in your house, it might be important to know about LeapFrog, the makers are of kids’ tablets and educational software. Buying electronic gadgets for your kids can be almost similar to purchasing clothes for them.

No parent or guardian wants to spend a lot of money on stuff your kids will outgrow as soon as six months are over. The case will be totally different with the LeapFrog Epic, an all-new Android-based tablet for kids unveiled by the toys and educational electronics company.

Features of the LeapFrog Epic 7″ Android-based Kids Tablet

Leapfrog Epic Tablet

This kids tablet is similar to any other tablet with a complete access to the web and Android applications.

However, this tablet bears features that are specifically designed for children. These features adapt as the children’s ages and learning levels advance.

  • This tablet achieves all this with a high level of customizable controls that make it possible for parents to include new websites for their kids to access via the LeapSearch browser.
  • This browser provides kids with search-friendly surfing through more than five thousand websites, videos, images and games which can be easily accessed when the tablet is purchased.
  • Parents are also in a position to allow unrestricted web browsing for their children and also set the amount of time their kids are allowed to use their tablets either per day or depending on the app category.
  • Another magnificent bit about the LeapFrog epic tablet is that it is designed for kids between three and nine years. It comes with an interactive yet customizable homescreen that the users can make fun playing with.
  • The customizable home screen allows users to access various LeapFrog applications, games and e-books.
  • In addition, a user is in a position to access android applications and games that have no third-party ads or in-app purchases.

Design and Ease of Use

leapfrog epic tablet durability

Despite the LeapFrog Epic tablet’s traditional look, its design is made to withstand any kind of roughness and ruggedness that may result from children mishandling.

The Epic tablet has a chunky bumper that is meant to act as a protective shield on the tablet.

However, the bumper is not permanent and it can be removed as a child advances in age.


Product Details Description
Popular Colors Green
Age Recommendations 3 and up
Product Dimensions 3.5 x 10 x 7.2 inches
Weight 3.6 pound
Battery Life Up to six hours
Batteries? 1 Lithium ion batteries required – included

The Epic tablet:

  • runs on an Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system and bears a quad-core processor
  • a 7-inch multi-touch LCD screen
  • video recorder
  • back and front camera
  •  sixteen gigabytes of internal memory and a Lithium-ion battery that can last up to six hours.

The tablet’s internal memory can be expanded to thirty two gigabytes with the presence of a microSD slot. The epic tablet also boasts of a 1 gigabyte of ram and 1.3 GHz processor which is the source of its impeccable processing capabilities. The tablet also offers bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to a 2-megapixel front and back camera.

LeapFrog Epic vs Platinum

leapfrog epic kids tablet

LeapFrog Epic

LeapFrog boasts of the LeapFrog epic tablet being their latest and most advanced learning tablet for kids. Compared to its predecessor the LeapFrog platinum, they both bear similarities in terms of their appearance.

Leap Frog Platinum

LeapFrog Platinum

Both tablets share the 1024 x 600 pixel resolution supported by the 7-inch screen.

The LeapFrog epic tablet is pretty advanced compared to its predecessor.

The LeapFrog platinum tablet featured a 1 GHz processor whereas the LeapFrog Epic tablet boasts of a 1.3 GHz processor.

In addition, the LeapFrog Platinum offered an 8 gigabytes storage space which is less than the 16 gigabytes the Epic tablet has.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Although this is a new product, this product has excellent ratings on Amazon.  It is the #1 New Release in Preschool Electronic Learning Toys with 4.7 stars out of 5 (as of this writing).

What are customers saying:

– Love this Kids Tablet from LeapFrog!

– A true tablet but still Leap Frog

– This Epic is Epic

Rating – 4.7 out of 5 stars

For The Best Leapfrog Epic Table Prices And More Real Reviews

Our Verdict

What is so amazing about the LeapFrog Epic tablet is that it is mainly focused on education despite the fact that it may feel like more fun for the kids.

Everything in the tablet is geared towards building the creativity of your children.

This is primed to be a bestseller for 2015.

16 thoughts on “The LeapFrog Epic Android Tablet- A New Era In Childrens Learning

  1. Neil

    I remember back to my childhood days when we never had tablets or smartphones, so we made do with traditional toys and playing outside, which every kid loved to do!

    However, times have now changed, and it seems tablets are now the way of the future as technology is forever evolving.

    Your review of the Leapfrog Epic Android Tablet is Awesome, and this is definitely something that is fun and really user-friendly for children.

    With Christmas coming up, I will bare this tablet in mind for my younger brother.


    1. admin

      Thanks so much for the comments. Yes, I am amazed at the technology for the young.

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  3. Michel

    Great review on Leap Pads.

    I bought one for my daughter on her sixth birthday, and she loved it for about 18 months and then sadly outgrew it.

    It seems the later models that you describe cater towards older kids which is wonderful, as the Leap Pad is a great educational toy and should be geared towards kids even as old as eleven or twelve.

    1. admin

      I am glad she enjoyed the LeapFrog LeapPad. The EPIC model is a new model (released September 2015). I still cannot believe the technology for kids. LeapFrog does cater to the under 9 crowd. Thanks for the comments!

  4. Vera

    Great review, I didn’t know there are tables for kids which can adapt the learning level and age of the kids.

    I am always a little bit reluctant in terms of children using the internet. But with this high level of customizable control I could change my mind.

    Seems this is a good way of helping kids to learn the digital world they have to live in later on:)

    1. admin

      Yes. Tablets for kids (the good ones) have parental controls. A parental account is required for the WIFI setup.

      Kids learn so fast. My granddaughter who is 13 months, loves to swipe my tablet.

  5. Marilyn

    Hi Dee, you have an awesome website. Your site on tablets for kids is great for parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles and anyone else who needs to be informed abut the latest tablet for kids. I really like the idea that ages 3 through 9 can use the LeapFrog Epic 7. Buying this product means you can customize the tablet as your child becomes older. Terrific news since kids outgrow almost everything you buy for them nowadays. Thanks for a super review.

  6. Lee

    HI There Dee

    We purchased a tablet for my two and a half year old son earlier in the year for his birthday, but it’s slow and what he can do on there is limited. He gets frustrated as he’s a clever kid.

    My partner and I have been looking around the internet to replace it for his main christmas present and we love the look of LeapFrog Epic, so we decided to try and find out a bit more about it.

    I have to say it looks great from your review but is it suitable for my sons age? (two and a half)

    Thanks in advance

    1. admin

      There are so many great features to this tablet. There are apps that are perfect for a smart 2 1/2 year old. Please check out more reviews. I think you will be pleased. Also this is on Amazons Holiday List.

  7. Joon

    What would you say when comparing Leap Frog tablets to Ipad? I think leap frogs are great when it comes to their educational system. I bought several DVDs and books to help my boy learn phonics when he first started learning. But since then he picked up reading, writing, and math really quick. Even a lot of basic education Apps that I download on Ipad can’t compete with him.

    1. admin

      I agree. Leap Frog was invented to teach children to read. Since then their education systems are one of the best. They specialize in childrens education so you will find many features not available in the lpad. The parental security features is an example. You can read more about LeapFrog Here.

  8. LindaJPederson

    The LeapFrog Epic sounds like an ideal handheld computer for kids. Having the rugged bumper is a big plus. This would be a much better option then letting the kids play with an iPhone or iPad.

    I really appreciate the fact that the LeapFrog Epic has a kid safe browser. The kids don’t like to have mom or dad looking over their shoulder when they surf the web. Now there is no fear of them stumbling upon something that they should not see.

    1. admin

      You are correct. Kids love playing with cell phones and tablets because they see everyone else on them. The LeapFrog Epic is a great alternative. Thanks for the comment!

  9. Owain

    My daughter has already started to use both my wife and my iPads. And in the process have broken the screens. She only really watches YouTube, so is not get much education from them, so I think this would be great for her. Seriously considering getting her one for Christmas.

    What is the minimum age for this product? Also how durable is it? Will the screen get smashed?

    1. admin

      My granddaughter is 2 now and continues to play with her tablet. We bought the Kindle Fire tablet on Amazon last year when she had just turned 1. One of the reasons we bought it was it had a Kid Proof guarantee for 2 years. The Leapfrog tablet is good. However, you need to read the fine print on the LeapFrog kid proof guarantee. There is a difference between the regular guarantee and the Kid Proof one. The last time I checked Kid Proof only covered tablets bought via and not at retailers or online (like Amazon).


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