What Are SD Memory Cards – Why Do I Need One?

By | September 3, 2015

sd memory cards

What is an SD memory card?  A Secure Digital(SD) card is an extremely small and portable piece of storage. The idea behind SD memory cards is to pack as much high-quality digital space into as little physical space as possible. There are some SD cards with extremely high amounts of memory so it’s safe to say they’ve accomplished their goal.

SD cards are commonplace throughout a lot of electronics. They are so cheap and uniform that they’re the perfect form of memory for just about everything.


SD Memory Cards For Digital Cameras

If you have any of the devices mentioned above, then you could benefit from having an SD card nearby. You can even use a single card on all of the devices if you don’t planning on using all of the space.

New information can be added and removed without damaging the SD card. Once it is full, you can save all of your files to a computer and clear the SD card.

This is why it’s the preferred way to save pictures from a digital camera. When the card fills the pictures are moved to a computer, the card is erased, and storage is renewed. Much more affordable than replacing the film every time.

SD Card For Kidizoom Action Camera

vtech kidizoom action cam yellowbrick

The VTech Kidizoom is a action camera digital camera for kids in the 4 – 9 age range. If you want to give your kid a friendly introduction to photography, then this is the perfect device.

It can take pictures, record video, and has some pretty neat functions build into the system, such as photo editing. There are also three fun games that use pictures taken by the child.

The only set back for the Kidizoom is the limited storage space. It’s fine for taking a few pictures, a video, and enjoying the day. However, if you have a kid who loves taking pictures and recording videos, then that space is going to be filled very fast.  Please read my review on the Kidizoom Action Cam.

The VTech Kidizoom allows for the use of a SD card, which will greatly increase the amount of available memory. More memory means your kid can keep taking pictures without worrying about space. Even a small SD card (in terms of memory) could make a big difference.

Want To Buy Cheap SD Memory Cards?

32 gb sd memory card

They may all look and work exactly the same, but there are some key differences between cards and brands.

You should pay close attention to what card you buy, what size it is, and who the manufacturer is.

Don’t rush out and buy the cheapest card you can find because you might regret the decision later when the card becomes corrupted.

Luckily, SD cards are not expensive and even the high-end products are extremely affordable. You’re encourage to buy a fast, reliable SD card with ample storage. SanDisk is a recommended leading brand.

Very few technologies let you get the best of the best for such a low price.

For the cheap sd memory cards visit Amazon.com

SD cards are standard issue for smart phones, handheld games, digital  and video cameras. All SD cards are designed to look and work exactly the same so it’s possible to replace them without any confusion in the future.

2 thoughts on “What Are SD Memory Cards – Why Do I Need One?

  1. Drew

    I agree that some cheap SD cards get corrupted easily. I recently left one (full of pics form holidays) in the washing machine. Thank goodness it still worked. I use a card reader with my micro SD card.


    1. Dianna

      That’s a great idea. On the radio, there was a poll that asked what would you rather lose your wallet or your phone. Most people said their phone because of the pictures. They are priceless.


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