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Hi,About Dee

My name is Dee Smith. I love to play tennis and travel. But, most importantly, I am a proud grandmother of my beautiful granddaughter.

It has been a while since my kids where children. And the products and toys have certainly changed. Some products that I used are now off the market due to safety issues. Amazing…

Those were simpler times with much less variety.

So what are the Best Kids Cameras?

My daughter who is extremely picky was interested in buying a kids camera. Of course, all purchases are “Googled” first. Then, we check out the online Consumer reports for more information.

Before I buy anything, she asks – have you done your homework? I do not remember being this picky when my kids were young.  Of course, we did not have Google at our fingertips to find the answer to any and all questions.

So, this website was created from my research on  children’s cameras. It is more like a review site than a typical eCommerce site with any brand available.

It started out about cameras and camcorders and soon included other electronic learning toys for kids!

If you have any questions or feedback about any products reviewed here, please post a comment below. And visit often.  Now that I started this site, I will be adding and updating often.

Thanks for stopping by!


Founder of Best Kids Cameras
Email: dee@bestkidscameras.com

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