Kindle Fire Kids Edition Review – A Kindle Fire For Kids?

By | September 24, 2015

The Kindle Fire Kids Edition is considered the Fire Tablet of the latest generation. The product is due to be released within the next 10-days. The Fire Kids Edition has been creating quite a buzz in the market even before the pre-orders were accepted.

kindle fire kids edition


It is one of the best gifts you can give your loving kid.  The product comes with parental control features, and is designed with your loving kid in mind.

This is why it comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee, which promises to replace the Kindle without any questions asked.

The guarantee covers anything that happens to the Fire tablet. As you are aware, accidents can easily happen while your kid is using the tablet.

It can fall down or break at any time. Whether it breaks by falling down or there is any electrical/mechanical breakdown, the company will replace the tool with no questions asked. This is one of the salient features of the new Kindle Fire for kids.


  • The kids-proof case is designed to protect the tablet from drops, bumps and typical mayhem caused by kids at kindle fire kids caseplay. The case will not add additional weight on the little hands of your kid. It is lightweight and durable.
  •  The full-featured Fire tablet comes with a 7-inch 1024 x 600 IPS display. It is perfect for watching movies like Frozen.
  •  The fast quad-core processor ensures smooth videos and games with quick app launch times.
  •  The tablet is black in color with a pink or blue kid-proof case to select from.
  •  It has an 8GB internal storage space. You can use up to 128GB of expandable storage space with a microSD. You need not worry anymore about storing your child’s photos, games, movies and apps because of this.
  • Also, you can enjoy free unlimited cloud-storage for all photos and Amazon content taken with the Fire
  •  The tablet comes with a 2-MP rear High Definition camera for 720p videos and high-resolution photos. It also consists of a front camera, which is perfect for video calls.
  •  The device offers unlimited free access to 10,000 odd kid’s friendly books, TV shows, educational apps, games and movies.

It also includes 1-year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. This will let your kid explore their creative side with some of the best fun editing tools such as adding drawings and stickers on their pictures

They are easily auto-saved to Cloud. Parents are able to easily print them or choose to share with friends and family, if they wish to. Amazon FreeTime blocks your kid from posting photos to social media sites.

Your kid is quite safe due to this.

Design And Ease Of Use

kindle fire for kidsThe tablet is elegantly designed with a kid-proof case that fits perfectly in the little hands of your kid.

It will protect the tablet while not adding additional weight on the hands of your kid. The case is made of lightweight and durable material. The case is available in blue and pink for you to choose from.

The background color and fonts change to a kid-friendly design.

The home screen carousel shows the recently viewed titles where the kids are able to navigate visually to the content that is based on topics or characters.

Ease of use is a salient feature of this tablet.


Product Details Description
Popular Colors Blue and Pink
Age Recommendations 3 and up
Product Dimensions 8.6 x 5.4 x 1.0 inches
Weight 14.3 ounces
Battery Life Up to seven-hours of surfing, reading, listening to music and watching video
Charge Time Fully charges in about 6 hours of time, using the micro-USB power adapter


Customer Reviews And Ratings

There are no customer reviews since the product will be released within the next 10-days. But, users who own the earlier versions of the tablet expect the Kindle Fire Kids Edition to be a much improved version with so many additional features.  WATCH Video for more info.  Click on picture.

kindle fire kids edition video

Our Verdict

All in all, you can expect to own one of the best kids tablets with the release of the Kindle Fire Kids Edition. This is expected to be one of the Christmas gifts for 2015.

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  1. Jack


    Great post by the way, i do like the way you write it is easy for me to understand. you seem to know a great deal anyway.

    these fires are very durable and actually have a very good camera, my friend bought one for his son and I was amazed well worth the money for a bullet proof camera.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, i do appreciate it, I have learned some valuable lessons and no doubt others have to.

    Thank you


    1. admin

      Thanks for the comments. These cameras really are great for the young. I have a nephew that wants one!


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