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The LeapFrog Epic Android Tablet- A New Era In Childrens Learning

leap frog epic kids tablets

If you have a kid in your house, it might be important to know about LeapFrog, the makers are of kids’ tablets and educational software. Buying electronic gadgets for your kids can be almost similar to purchasing clothes for them.

No parent or guardian wants to spend a lot of money on stuff your kids will outgrow as soon as six months are over. The case will be totally different with the LeapFrog Epic, an all-new Android-based tablet for kids unveiled by the toys and educational electronics company.

Features of the LeapFrog Epic 7″ Android-based Kids Tablet

Leapfrog Epic Tablet

This kids tablet is similar to any other tablet with a complete access to the web and Android applications.

However, this tablet bears features that are specifically designed for children. These features adapt as the children’s ages and learning levels advance.

  • This tablet achieves all this with a high level of customizable controls that make it possible for parents to include new websites for their kids to access via the LeapSearch browser.
  • This browser provides kids with search-friendly surfing through more than five thousand websites, videos, images and games which can be easily accessed when the tablet is purchased.
  • Parents are also in a position to allow unrestricted web browsing for their children and also set the amount of time their kids are allowed to use their tablets either per day or depending on the app category.
  • Another magnificent bit about the LeapFrog epic tablet is that it is designed for kids between three and nine years. It comes with an interactive yet customizable homescreen that the users can make fun playing with.
  • The customizable home screen allows users to access various LeapFrog applications, games and e-books.
  • In addition, a user is in a position to access android applications and games that have no third-party ads or in-app purchases.

Design and Ease of Use

leapfrog epic tablet durability

Despite the LeapFrog Epic tablet’s traditional look, its design is made to withstand any kind of roughness and ruggedness that may result from children mishandling.

The Epic tablet has a chunky bumper that is meant to act as a protective shield on the tablet.

However, the bumper is not permanent and it can be removed as a child advances in age.


Product Details Description
Popular Colors Green
Age Recommendations 3 and up
Product Dimensions 3.5 x 10 x 7.2 inches
Weight 3.6 pound
Battery Life Up to six hours
Batteries? 1 Lithium ion batteries required – included

The Epic tablet:

  • runs on an Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system and bears a quad-core processor
  • a 7-inch multi-touch LCD screen
  • video recorder
  • back and front camera
  •  sixteen gigabytes of internal memory and a Lithium-ion battery that can last up to six hours.

The tablet’s internal memory can be expanded to thirty two gigabytes with the presence of a microSD slot. The epic tablet also boasts of a 1 gigabyte of ram and 1.3 GHz processor which is the source of its impeccable processing capabilities. The tablet also offers bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to a 2-megapixel front and back camera.

LeapFrog Epic vs Platinum

leapfrog epic kids tablet

LeapFrog Epic

LeapFrog boasts of the LeapFrog epic tablet being their latest and most advanced learning tablet for kids. Compared to its predecessor the LeapFrog platinum, they both bear similarities in terms of their appearance.

Leap Frog Platinum

LeapFrog Platinum

Both tablets share the 1024 x 600 pixel resolution supported by the 7-inch screen.

The LeapFrog epic tablet is pretty advanced compared to its predecessor.

The LeapFrog platinum tablet featured a 1 GHz processor whereas the LeapFrog Epic tablet boasts of a 1.3 GHz processor.

In addition, the LeapFrog Platinum offered an 8 gigabytes storage space which is less than the 16 gigabytes the Epic tablet has.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Although this is a new product, this product has excellent ratings on Amazon.  It is the #1 New Release in Preschool Electronic Learning Toys with 4.7 stars out of 5 (as of this writing).

What are customers saying:

– Love this Kids Tablet from LeapFrog!

– A true tablet but still Leap Frog

– This Epic is Epic

Rating – 4.7 out of 5 stars

For The Best Leapfrog Epic Table Prices And More Real Reviews

Our Verdict

What is so amazing about the LeapFrog Epic tablet is that it is mainly focused on education despite the fact that it may feel like more fun for the kids.

Everything in the tablet is geared towards building the creativity of your children.

This is primed to be a bestseller for 2015.

Kids Need A Computer? Get LeapFrog Leappad3 Learning Tablet

These days everyone has a computer, yet you probably feel like your child is too young for one.  Maybe your little one wants to be like the masses and take advantage of the Internet.  There are educational website for kids specializing in ages and up.   A kids leapfrog tablet is a possible solution.

leapfrog leappad 3 tablet

This is a great way to give them what they want without worrying about their safety.  Learning tablets are not just computers.  They are education learning toys and like your cell phone or tablet, they can include cameras as a bonus as well!

Features Of The LeapFrog Leappad3 Learning Tablet

– This tablet is Wi-Fi enabled, so they can hop online anywhere that offers a connection.leapfrop-leappad3

– There is an extensive learning library filled with age appropriate content, like videos, e-books games and apps (you have to pay extra for these).

– All of the content that is accessible from the tablet has already been prescreened.

– This device is fitted with two cameras and one video recorder.

All of the other features that are available include:

– 10 FREE apps

– 4GB of memory

– Parental controls

– A rechargeable lithium ion battery (included)

Ease Of Use

leapfro leappad learning tabletThis product is very intuitive, particularly since it was made for children ages 3-9.

While a child may be smarter than average, it is sometimes difficult for them to understand new things.

The simplicity of this device certainly makes it possible.

The learning experience on this tablet is personalized, so you can adjust the settings for some of the games to make them more age appropriate.

Even if you select a level that is challenging, there is a hint button that can help children work things out with minimal assistance.

Overall Design

It is very attractive and it is comparable in size to many traditional tablets that are on the market. The corners are rounded so there are no sharp points for smaller children to deal with.

The screen of this tablet is shatter-free, which is impressive considering how active and rough children can be. Even if they drop it numerous times when they are out and about, the screen will remain intact.


Color Availability:  Leapfrog Leappad Kids Learning Tablet Green or Pink

Recommended Age: 3-9 years

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Product Dimensions: 1 x 7.5 x 5.1 inches

Consumer Opinions

This product has countless positive ratings on Amazon. The current rating is 4.0 out of a possible 5 stars, and this is based on 518 ratings.

Here is a small sampling of what they had to say:

– Great Product! So much better than previous versions.

– The touch screen is sensitive, which is a good thing.

– It has already survived quite a few falls.

– My daughter loves this and uses it constantly.

Our Verdict

leapfrog_leappad_learning_tabletThis is the third in a series of products that children know and love. It is far speedier and more intuitive than previous versions.

The fact that you are not able to access sites that are not preapproved means that you can leave your child alone and not worry about them getting into trouble.

The price is right, the kids can use it to access thousands of apps and it can withstand quite a few falls to the floor. There isn’t a better product available that has this combination of features.

For the best prices, get the Leapfrog Leappad Kids Learning Tablet – Green or Pink here!

What Can LeapFrog Baby Toys Do For You ?

A LeapFrog Learning System can assist in your child’s developmental skills.LeapFrog Learning Systems

This very popular toy and educational company, LeapFrog, was the brainchild of Mike Wood.

They say Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

Mike created LeapFrog Baby Toys as a way to teach his son how to read with letters that made sounds. Once he built a prototype, landed a buyer and a company to create shelf-ready versions of the product, the company took off.

The company was officially launched in 1995.

At one point, thanks to the popularity of the toys, revenue for the company reached the $650 million dollar mark.

Now, the rest is history!

Award-Winning and Bestselling LeapFrog Products

leapfrog logoLeapFrog is a leader and continues to bring to market award winning toys that assist in the development of kids of all ages.

The compay offers toys and games for babies from 0-12 months, for toddlers 1-3 years old, for preschoolers from 3-5 and for kids between the ages of 5-9.

As well as being very popular, the innovative products from LeapFrog have received over 1,250 prestigious awards for the quality. Awards are for design and fun factor, age-appropriateness as well as their educational value.

The company currently has several #1 bestsellers in various categories on Amazon as of this writing.

LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System

A number #1 bestseller in the the Kid’s Software and Books category is the LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System. leapfrog-leapreader-reading-and-writing

This educational product teaches your child how to read and write by focusing on vocabulary, reading comprehension and other listening skills. It is for the 4-8 age group.

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Setleapfrog-fridge-phonics-magnetic-letter

Another best seller is the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set.  It is ranked #1 in the Magnetic Numbers and Letters category for ages 2 and up.

If you want to help your toddler get ahead on learning her letters and words, you can get this product has the 26 letters of the alphabet with letters that talk and sing.

Knowing the sound a letter makes is the first step toward learning how to read. The set offers three songs, too, that will help children learn and the set is for children who are 2 years old and above.

LeapFrog In The News Because EPIC is Awesome!

leapfrog epic kids tablet

Just in time for the holidays, LeapFrog introduces an epic EPIC tablet.

The new LeapFrog tablet is an Android-based tablet just for kids. It was released at the end of September 2015.

It offers parents and relatives the perfect opportunity to provide a holiday gift that every child is sure to love.

This tablet is built just for children. It looks and performs just like an adult tablet, but features a totally new home screen experience built specifically to ignite a child’s imagination and creativity.

It is kid-safe.

LeapFrog Epic 7″ Android-based Kids Tablet 16GB is now the #1 new release in electronic learning products.

You can read my full review about this product here.

Where To Buy LeapFrog Products?

Treat your child to a lifetime of learning with toys that focus on mathematics, creativity and life skills,
personal and social skills as well as listening skills.

For more customer reviews of LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System or LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set as well as a wide selection of other interactive learning toys, visit LeapFrog Baby Toys on Amazon.

Photography Fun On World Toy Camera Day

world toy camera dayWorld Toy Camera Day(WTCD) is an annual event that takes place on the third Saturday of October. It’s been around for several years now and is continuing to climb in popularity. Many websites list it as a holiday. Other sites host special events for posting and sharing your pictures, but only those taken with an actual toy camera are allowed.

There are different online groups with different restrictions, but most seem to prefer traditional, non-digital cameras, but don’t let that hold you back if all you have is a toy digital camera. After all, the times are changing and it’s often easier to find a digital toy camera than it is one that uses traditional film.

Wouldn’t it be nice to share this day with your children?

A Little Bit Of Information

The annual event was first started by Becky Ramotowski. She stated that she was inspired by the World Pinhole Photography Day event, which is also extremely popular among photography enthusiast. The idea is to take the focus away from demanding high-quality, high-resolution pictures and return to the roots of the hobby: taking pictures for fun. You didn’t worry about the resolution when you were a kid and you shouldn’t worry on World Toy Camera Day either.81MmM3-UaYL._SL1500_

Once you’ve snapped a few pictures, you’re encouraged to go online and share what you’ve got. It helps keep the spirit of the day alive as well as spread some awareness for those who haven’t yet heard of it. Try posting pictures on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr with some appropriate tag or descriptions.

You can also post them to your own online blogs or find one of the many online WTCD groups to share them with. Chances are, you’ll see some pretty interesting and unique pictures others have taken with their toy cameras.

Need Some Photography Ideas?

It might seem like you don’t have any interesting places to take pictures with your toy camera, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Using the toy camera seems to improve just about any subject matter. You could take a picture of a stack of cans and it will seem different than it normally would simply because of the quality of the camera and lens you are using.

No, they won’t be the best quality photographs, but that’s kind of the point.  How about some tomatoes?


Any subject you would photograph professionally or for fun with a high-quality camera also deserves a shot with a toy camera on this special day. Take some pictures of the local scenery, historical monuments, local events, or any landmarks you might be close to. Are you going on vacation or visiting a new location?

If so, then bring your toy camera and snap a few photos on World Toy Camera Day.

It Doesn’t Have To End

best kids camerasWorld Toy Camera Day will take place on October 17th in 2015.

Most groups prefer if you only share photos taken with toy cameras during this 24 hour period. However, that doesn’t mean you have to trash your toy camera or put it back in storage once the day is over with.

There are a lot of online niche groups that take pictures with toy cameras year round and share them with one another.

As long as you’re having fun there’s really no reason to stop.