Kidzlane 5 in 1 Camera – Can It Compete With Kidizoom?

By | September 23, 2015

Review of the Kidzlane 5 in 1 Camerakidzlane-5-in-1-camera-set

Parents, grandparents, aunts and even uncles are always looking for the perfect gifts to give to young children that will keep them entertained for quite a while.

The Kidzlane 5 in 1 Camera may be a great choice.

Not only does it allow children to take some great pictures, it also records video and comes equipped with a flash that the children can use to capture some of the best images during the day and at night too.

Features of the Camera

features of the kidzlane camera

This device is safe for children ages 3 and up to use.

It comes with a durable 2 megapixel camera and a protective outer shell. The protective shell makes it much easier for children to grip the camera while they are taking pictures, but it also keeps the device from breaking if a child accidentally drops it on the ground.

Unlike other cameras, the Kidzlane 5 in 1 comes with a total of seven video games, which keeps children entertained for hours.

They will have plenty of time to take pictures and then play some of the fun games with the device too.kidzland 5 in 1 camera neck strap

Along with the different games for the kids, there is a photo editor that allows the children to add fun little frames around the pictures or even add silly graphics to them.

It gives the little ones an opportunity to act like they are professional photographers because they are snapping photos and then editing them.

The LCD screen is 1.8” and displays everything in vibrant color. Children have the option to zoom in on their subjects before they start taking a picture by simply using the digital zoom feature.

There is even a small slot that will hold a SD card, providing plenty of space for all of the images that children may take while they are having a good

Parents do not have to worry as much about their children losing this camera because it comes with a comfortable ring that they can wear around their neck while snapping a bunch of photos.

A camera bag is included with the purchase too, making it easy for the kids to travel with it wherever they go, whether they want to take a few pictures at a friend’s house or even at the local zoo.


5 in 1 cameraThe Kidzlane 5 in 1 Camera even comes with three separate faceplates children can add onto the front of the device.

The colors of these faceplates include blue, red and pink, so there is plenty of variety offered.





Overall, this camera is a great choice for young children. It may not take the type of pictures you would expect to see from a professional photographer, but it is certainly good enough for little ones who simply want to give photography a try for the first time while having a great time with family and friends.  It is loaded with features.

This camera has a lot of positive feedback and an actual 4.2 star rating on Amazon too.  Out of 20 reviews, 70% were 5 star!


Four AA batteries are needed to get this camera to work. Lithium ion AA batteries would be a good choice for this device because they would last a lot longer and give the children even more time to play.

This camera is not from a well known manufacturer like Vtech or Fisher -Price.  I visited their website and was disappointed that pages were missing, the FAQ, Wheres My Order and Shipment pages to name a few. I could not find a shipping address on their website.  This makes me wonder about the return policy.

Our Verdict

For us, we personally would pass on this one.vetch kidizoom camera connect vlue

Although the ratings for the Kidzlane were positive, there were only 20 of them as compared to 798 for the Vtech Kidizoom Connect Blue which is the #1 best seller in kids cameras and camcorders.

You Decide.

Read the reviews and let me know in the comments below….  Visit Kidzlane reviews

The lack of a physical shipping address on the website, makes me question the longevity of the company and the return policy.  For children’s toys, the return policy for me is crucial.

I welcome comments about this review.  Just leave them below.

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