Photography Fun On World Toy Camera Day

By | October 16, 2015

world toy camera dayWorld Toy Camera Day(WTCD) is an annual event that takes place on the third Saturday of October. It’s been around for several years now and is continuing to climb in popularity. Many websites list it as a holiday. Other sites host special events for posting and sharing your pictures, but only those taken with an actual toy camera are allowed.

There are different online groups with different restrictions, but most seem to prefer traditional, non-digital cameras, but don’t let that hold you back if all you have is a toy digital camera. After all, the times are changing and it’s often easier to find a digital toy camera than it is one that uses traditional film.

Wouldn’t it be nice to share this day with your children?

A Little Bit Of Information

The annual event was first started by Becky Ramotowski. She stated that she was inspired by the World Pinhole Photography Day event, which is also extremely popular among photography enthusiast. The idea is to take the focus away from demanding high-quality, high-resolution pictures and return to the roots of the hobby: taking pictures for fun. You didn’t worry about the resolution when you were a kid and you shouldn’t worry on World Toy Camera Day either.81MmM3-UaYL._SL1500_

Once you’ve snapped a few pictures, you’re encouraged to go online and share what you’ve got. It helps keep the spirit of the day alive as well as spread some awareness for those who haven’t yet heard of it. Try posting pictures on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr with some appropriate tag or descriptions.

You can also post them to your own online blogs or find one of the many online WTCD groups to share them with. Chances are, you’ll see some pretty interesting and unique pictures others have taken with their toy cameras.

Need Some Photography Ideas?

It might seem like you don’t have any interesting places to take pictures with your toy camera, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Using the toy camera seems to improve just about any subject matter. You could take a picture of a stack of cans and it will seem different than it normally would simply because of the quality of the camera and lens you are using.

No, they won’t be the best quality photographs, but that’s kind of the point. ¬†How about some tomatoes?


Any subject you would photograph professionally or for fun with a high-quality camera also deserves a shot with a toy camera on this special day. Take some pictures of the local scenery, historical monuments, local events, or any landmarks you might be close to. Are you going on vacation or visiting a new location?

If so, then bring your toy camera and snap a few photos on World Toy Camera Day.

It Doesn’t Have To End

best kids camerasWorld Toy Camera Day will take place on October 17th in 2015.

Most groups prefer if you only share photos taken with toy cameras during this 24 hour period. However, that doesn’t mean you have to trash your toy camera or put it back in storage once the day is over with.

There are a lot of online niche groups that take pictures with toy cameras year round and share them with one another.

As long as you’re having fun there’s really no reason to stop.


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